The Chai Crazy Nation

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For a nation that runs on chai, International Tea Day, celebrated annually on December 15th, is a special day indeed.

Tea is an integral part of our day-to-day lives. For many, tea is the first thing they start their day with; the first beverage that is offered to guests at home and tea-break is the time to share office gossip. We all have precious moments around this much-loved beverage.

Our charms capture the three most iconic objects that are part of the tea making process in India – the Kettle, the Kulhad and the Cutting Chai. For tea lovers, these adorable charms are a must-have. Wear them as a pendant on a fourseven chain or necklace with a charm holder ring. The charms can also be attached to a silver or beaded charm bracelet.

Kettle Charm: Spending time with friends at the local tea shop is the favorite pastime for college students – one that they will then cherish for years to come. As the distinctive aroma of tea wafts from the kettle, the classroom tensions melt away.

Kettle Charm

Kulhad Charm: Ever miss the street side chai-wallah serving sweet masala chai in Kulhad? Do you love to ride your bike to that faraway stall, just to enjoy the Kulhad Chai? Winters are the perfect time to sip on the piping hot tea served by your favorite street side chai-wallah. Certainly, yes. Relive the moments and wear our Kulhad Charm which will make you smile every time you have a tea.

Kulhad Charm

Chai Cutting Charm: Are you a chai addict who loves to enjoy a cup of tea with friends & family? The cutting chai charm is perfect for you.

Chai Cutting Charm

Affordably priced, these charms also make the perfect gift – get all three charms and split it among your tea-buddies.

Our love for Chai doesn’t end with charms. Make a statement with these unique handcrafted cufflinks inspired by tea – Chai Cutting Cufflinks and Kettle Cufflinks. Get these for your hard-to-shop-for father or husband and he is sure to love you for it!

Cufflinks for Men

Is Baat Par, Chai Ho Jai?

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